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Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation
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A. Past activities.

1. Scholarship program
. Every year Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation (NTHF) gives away scholarships called NGUYEN THAI HOC SCHOLARSHIP to Vietnamese students living in Vietnam and around the world. The scholarship consists of a Certificate of Award and an amount of money distributed according to the recipient's academic status:
-$100 for junior high school students
-$250 for high school students
-$500 for college students
-$600 for master degree students
-$700 for Ph.D degree candidates

The requirements to obtain Nguyen Thai Hoc Scholarship are as follows:
-To submit an application either online or by mail to NTHF address.
-To write an essay.
-To submit all documents attesting academic performance, outdoor activities and financial hardship.

The scholarship program is administered by a Board of Evaluation consisting of good standing members of Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation Board and renewed every year.

The scholarship program started in 2006 to date without interruption and every year the amount awarded varies from $7,000 to $15,000 according to the number of applicants. The latter may either fill a form online at www.nguyenthaihocfoundation.org or send their application by mail.

2. Cultural activities. NTHF collected documents, books, relics, memorabilia, literature relating to Nguyen Thai Hoc, a Vietnamese hero and the Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang's movement at the beginning of the 20th Century in Vietnam history. All findings are displayed on the Foundation's website (*Exhibit B).

3. Youth activities. NTHF promotes youth activities through various outdoor programs such as Martial Art classes, participation at Tet Festivals in Orange County, San Jose, participation at fundraising walks, camping, providing help for natural disasters' victims in Vietnam etc...

4. Petition activities. NTHF organized petitions to remedy erroneous nomenclature of lands and locations relating to Vietnam and neighbors' countries on popular maps such as National Geographic Society or Google maps. The most appreciated achievement of NTHF in this matter is to petition and accepted by National Geographic Society to change the nomenclature of "China" to "Administrated by China, claimed by Vietnam" on the Paracel Islands.

5. Cross charitable activities. NTHF donates annually to other charitable organizations such as the "Smile Train," a program to send oral surgeons to bring back smiles to children who are born with disfiguring clefts, or "Doctors Without Borders, USA."

B. Present activities

1. NTHF is receiving applications for the Nguyen Thai Hoc Scholarship for school year of 2013-2014. The applicants can go online to fill out the required application and other documents or send them to the Board of Evaluation in Orange County.

2. NTHF is currently conducting a petition to Google Company in order to change the nomenclature to the "China Sea" into "South-East Asia Sea" which is more accurate. The number of petitioners reaches 55,000 signatures coming from people of the South-East Asia countries. The program is conducted by NTHF Executive Board.

3. NTHF is joining effort with the ARVN Veterans' Cemetery Builder Staff in order to plan and construct a cemetery for former ARVN soldiers and civil servants now resettled in Southern California. The whole project is estimated to cost about $5 million.

C. Future activities

1. NTHF will continue the scholarship program indefinitely and the number of applicants is increasing every year.

2. NTHF will keep on collecting petitioners' signatures to request Google Company to change the nomenclature of "China Sea" to "South-East Asia." NTHF has summarized the movement and formally sent the petition to Google Company. The actual number of signatures is 65,000 which can be viewed at www.nguyenthaihocfoundation.org.

3. NTHF will organize a fundraising dinner in the fall of 2014 in Westminster, California.

4. NTHF is considering the formation of an award called Nguyen Thai Học Award with an annual grant of $10,000 for Vietnamese individuals or groups having projects and/or activities which deemed realizable to resolve or improve current urban problems in large cities in Vietnam such as traffic jams or potable water. (proposal enclosed).

We strongly believe that all past, present and future activities further our application for tax exempt status because our activities are based in large part on donations from members. The percentage of our total time allocated to activities depend on the urgency of the programs conducted. Whenever necessary, members may devote totally their weekends and vacation's time to fulfill responsibilities. Other time when there are not many issues to resolve, the day-to-day operations consist mostly on answering emails, phone calls and updating the website.

NTHF programs are funded on a case-by-case basis. For example, in a certain year, after reviewing applications for scholarship, the Board of Examiners comes up with a number including all costs relating to the scholarship program. A meeting will be called, mostly by Skype and every members pledge their donations until the budget is met. The next time could be a project to help natural disasters' victims in Vietnam. Again a meeting is called to plan the project and how to fund it. When the budget can be met, the project will be conducted as planned.